A full year of global pandemic has gone by, and here we are: ready to start again.

The island population has been mostly vaccinated at least with the first jab. The idea is to have the islands covid-free, and I think we’re pretty much there. Summer is just starting to kick in and the first tourists are timidly starting to make their first very welcome appearance.

I must say that life on the islands has proceeded as per normal throughout the pandemic. We’ve had no actual cases on the island, and to be honest…low season on the islands is a form of lockdown in itself. It’s not like we have a great inflow of visitors, or opportunity to go to the shops and mingle. We’ve been wearing masks to enter the grocery shop, and the chemist’s, but other than that life has just been as per usual. We could walk around (carrying a mandatory declaration stating where we were going and why, just in case we got stopped by the police), and not meet a living soul anyway. That’s not covid: that’s Tremiti in the winter.

I haven’t been abroad for over a year, and I must say I do miss going to the theatre, or seeing my grandmother in England, and my friends in Glasgow; however, compared with the panic the rest of the world has experienced, here we’ve all been very lucky.

I’ve kept myself busy. I’ve become a certified yoga teacher with the Siddhi Yoga Academy and I’ve opened my very own sports association, Jalapulia – Sea Me Move, soon to be operative here on San Domino; I’ve become a partner and editor with Blackwater Press, an American publishing house; I’m keeping up my occasional tasks with Glasgow University, and my freelance translating jobs including a collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in New Work providing subtitles for their videos… I’ve not been bored, that’s for sure!

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